Guide to Indoor Trees

Indoor trees can be used in commercial premises for a variety of reasons. These include adding colour and dimension to often flat office spaces, providing focal points and attractions in reception areas and helping to eliminate noise, moderate temperature and eliminate harmful gases found in indoor spaces. There are many species and varieties of plant that are suitable for use indoors ranging in colour, size and dependence. Over the years however, a few have emerged as all time greats amongst indoor trees and office plants. Some of these greats include;

Ficus Interior Trees

FicusThere are several different types of Ficus or Fig trees, many of which have been utilised as indoor trees for commercial businesses and offices.

The Weeping Fig is capable of growing up to 18 feet tall with its smaller cousins including the Ficus Alii reaching anything up to 12 feet! More Details...

Plant maintenance


DracaenaThe ever popular Dracaena family have an important place within the interior plant-scaping works thanks to their diversity, reliability and hardy personalities.

With approximately 40 or so varieties to choose from including the hugely popular Dracaena Janet Craig and Dracaena Marginata, the Dracaena family is a must have for any indoor planted office display! More Details.....


Artificial Indoor Trees and Plants

There is also a lot to be said for artificial interior trees and indoor trees which require minimal maintenance and can provide an instant and long lasting feature in any office. Some of our best sellers include;

bamboo plantArtificial Bamboo - Recent years have seen artificial bamboo explode onto the interior landscaping market with many modern businesses selecting these beautifully realistic specimens to decorate their offices and commercial properties.

Artificial Bonsai Trees - Artificial Bonsai trees provide all the aesthetic value of their living relatives without needing the time and dedication required to keep this ancient art form of tree cultivation alive. Perfect for smaller offices or as table top centre pieces our selection of artificial bonsai trees are culture personified!

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